Roy Orbison Sings (Individual MGM Years CD)

Roy Orbison Sings (Individual MGM Years CD)


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ROY ORBISON SINGS was originally released in May of 1972. This is the tenth album from The MGM Years and had two singles- ‘God Love You’ and ‘Remember the Good.’ The standout fan favorite from this album, however, is ‘It Takes All Kinds of People.’ This re-issue is fully remixed and remastered to return the audio to its original glory. Package includes fully restored original artwork.

Track List:

1. God Love You
2. Beaujolais
3. If Only for Awhile
4. Rings of Gold
5. Help Me
6. Plain Jane Country (Come to Town)
7. Harlem Woman
8. Cheyenne
9. Changes
10. It Takes All Kinds of People
11. Remember The Good