Celtic Passion: The Songs of Roy Orbison

Celtic Passion: The Songs of Roy Orbison


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INSTRUMENTAL CELTIC-STYLE TRIBUTE OF ROY ORBISON SONGS This is a tribute album to the great Big O'. If you like Celtic Music & you like Roy Orbison , you'll be in for a treat ! These are "ear-twisting" variations on classic Orbison melodies.
Very relaxing and inspiring.

1. Oh, Pretty Woman
2. In Dreams
3. Crying
4. Blue Bayou
5. Only the Lonely
6. You Got It
7. Dream Baby Dream
8. It's Over
9. A Love So Beautifu
10. Working For The Man
11. Claudette
12. Running Scared
13. Memories of Maria
14. Falling

Please note this is a tribute album and does not actually contain any performances by Roy Orbison himself.