The Last Concert 25th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD

The Last Concert 25th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD



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Roy Orbison is arguably one of the most thrilling performers of his generation, which is no mean feat with peers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. This CD and DVD set showcases both sides of the often mysterious Orbison, with his live dynamism taking centre stage in the DVD while the CD highlights his unique vocal and instrumental capabilities. The Last Concert: 25th Anniversary Edition also features rare and unreleased video footage that further showcases this thrilling period of Roy’s career. In addition to a stunning photo gallery from Roy’s final concert and a rare 11-minute one-on-one interview with The Big O, The Last Concert’s DVD includes selections from two rare live sets, from the Reseda Country Club, California, in 1981 and Rockefeller Hall in Texas, 1986!

Track List:

CD of The Last Concert from December 4th, 1988:

1. Only the Lonely
2. Leah
3. Dream Baby
4. In Dreams
5. Mean Woman Blues
6. Blue Bayou
7. Candyman
8. Crying
9. Ooby Dooby
10. Go! Go! Go! (Down the Line)
11. It's Over
12. Working for the Man
13. Lana
14. Oh, Pretty Woman

1. The Last Interview
2. The Last Concert Photo Montage & Medley
Special Bonus! Late & Great Live Videos:
Leah- Reseda Country Club 1981
Blue Angel- Reseda Country Club 1981
Working for the Man- Reseda Country Club 1981
Go! Go! Go! (Down the Line)- Reseda Country Club 1981
Dream Baby- Rockefeller Hall 1986
Blue Bayou- Rockefeller Hall 1986
Ooby Dooby- Rockefeller Hall 1986

Featuring special liner notes written by Roy's youngest son, Alex Orbison and never before seen photos!